Outrageous Grace

Wondering what to say to get your attention has been a full time job for the past two months! My name is Molly and I am a mixed media artist. It did not start out that way. I wanted to paint landscapes, capture the light in a paintbrush. I was not patient enough to take years of training to understand perspective and what ever else I needed!! The look of mixed media fascinated me and I found a teacher for that. Mm, not so much. The word encaustic kept popping up in my web searches and for at least two years I ignored it. After returning from Italy for a class in mixed media I started researching it. Did you know it is an ancient art form? Egyptians did it at least 1000 years ago. Pictures are preserved because of their use of wax! Heating and pouring and coloring, well it was like doing mud pies. I loved it!! And I have made only one picture that I truly do not like!! I found a teacher who I spend every Tuesday soaking in her knowledge. Her name is Leah Macdonald and you can find her at Bliss Books. Taking a photograph, one that I love and turning it into a painterly piece is magical! My adventure has begun!